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Information About Huaraz

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Altitude: 3100 masl (10170,6 ft)
Population:: 160 000 aprox
Area: 2 492 91 Km2
Temperature: max: 20° to 24°C - min: 4° to 7°C

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General information:

Huaraz is one of the major cities of the highlands of Peru; it is a place of arrival of adventure and mountains sports in the snowy peaks of the Cordillera Blanca, as well as tours to the archaeological site of Chavin.
The city of Huaraz, Capital of the department of Ancash, it is situated in the heart of Peruvian Andes with a 408 km from the north of Lima. It has an altitude of 3 080 meters above the sea level. The city is flanked by the Cordillera Blanca and Negra, east and west respectively, forming the valley properly known as the Callejon de Huaylas.
It is considered one of the most important touristic destinations in Peru, due to the natural beauty of its landscapes, archaeological monuments (pre - Inca and Inca) and varied folklore, is a privileged city with a grand natural and cultural heritage.
It is known as "The most noble and generous city of Huaraz", this name was given by Simon Bolivar, because their inhabitants surrendered all their possessions, as well as civil and religious institutions to obtain funds, equipment, supplies and materials to equip the Liberation Army. And it is also known as the Capital of International Friendship, because after the earthquake of May 31, 1970, which destroyed the city, causing over 10,000 deaths, gained support worldwide, to help for quake survivors.
The people who decide to go to Huaraz will be able to appreciate the beautiful glaciers of the Cordillera Blanca or see the wonder that encloses the ancient temple of Chavin, the Llanganuco Lagoon and enjoy the endless attractions that this hospitality city has to offer.

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